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cut up technique poem                                                                 I went to Scunthorpe Museum today for a Tinpot book event. It started with a ‘treasure hunt’ around the museum answering questions about the objects we were looking for, it was really aimed at families but I wasn’t the only lone adult. There was then a choice between writing a poem or a little story to go at the front of the book pages. I chose to do a poem using the cut up technique which involved writing one word or phrase taken from the sheets we’d filled in on the ‘treasure hunt’ and then arranging them into a poem using a few linking words. The book cover was then decorated before the book was  stitched together with raffia using Japanese stitch. I did arrange my cover but left it to assemble at home as the pva would have taken to long to dry to stitch it together. Tomorrow.

Positive and negative photogram of a dried teasel.

I found out about 11.30 this morning about a Big Sky Taster Day at John Leggott College in Scunthorpe, more or less dropped everything to head off there. There were lots of exciting workshops and performances going on and all for free. It was a shame I’d not known about it earlier or I would have been there when the doors opened at 10am.

As it was I had a good couple of hours  before it finished at 3pm to have a little go at felt-making and did some photograms. It was also great to catch up with old friends and teaching staff  – I did A level Fine Art and AS Photography last year before I started my degree course.

I looked in on an altered books workshop, ‘Tinpot’; I didn’t have time to actually do anything there, but have come home with a few bits to play with, including  an old hardback book on Textiles and have got lots of bits that I can gather up and use in it. I usually have a problem with defacing books but love the results I’ve seen, so I’m just going  to be brave and at least the book doesn’t have personal memories attached to it.