Since I last posted we have had no phone and no internet for 3 weeks, then French twinning visitors (great fun) for a nearly week,  then just over a week in the Czech Republic (fantastic), a day at the Quilt Show at the NEC (inspiring) and then intermittent internet for the last week.

One of the French guys is a printer ( His studio is fabulous and I’ve had the privelige of a tour around it twice now. He also helped me learn a bit more about how to blog on a rare internet connection, so hopefully this entry will look better than my first couple of posts.

The Czech Republic visit came about by inviting two Czech guys that were at university with our son for Christmas, as they weren’t going home. I couldn’t bear to think of them alone on campus and would hope that if our son was away from home someone would invite him for Christmas. They were both delightful guests, the only problem was they only came for a couple of days. Anyway we were all invited to visit the family of one of the lads for a few days after staying with him in Prague for a long weekend. His mum also quilts (she had admired one of my quilts on the back of the chair during a skype session). So I knew what to take as a pressie – quilting fabric.

The morning we were leaving for Prague I had an inspired idea: to take half of the fabrics I had ready to make the matching one she had admired. OK, OK. I’m always last minute, but the French had only left the previous morning and then I worked all day. Anyway, as usual I had far more fabric than I needed for one quilt, so to halve it all and to see how differently we each use it will be interesting and an incentive to get on with it. I have a few ideas but haven’t started it yet!

A selection of my half of the stash.