I have long been fascinated by stained glass windows particularly rose windows. I love the bright colours and the patterns that they make especially when the light shines through them.

I used to sit for hours as a child making circular patterns with a compass and colouring them in. So I was delighted to find a book called Kaleidometrics The art of making beautiful patterns from circles by Sheillah Shaw some years ago. I recently came across it when I was tidying up before our French twinning visitors arrived and had a little play with the simplest grid.

This is the original pattern out-lined in gold pen but still showing the pencil lines that I constructed the design from, I did this a few weeks ago and still can’t bear to rub out the pencil lines! But once I’d put on the gold pen it was photocopied, a few on to ordinary white paper and one onto thin black card. The pencil lines didn’t show up but the gold outline  just about showed enough (with getting the light right) to put in another gold outline.

Today I’ve painted it with pearly watercolours. I’m not  sure about the colours yet, it was difficult to tell while it  was still wet and also the light is not good with the  weather. The photo doesn’t show the true colours either.