I have been sorting out my colour projects photos and looking at how my Colour Spinner came about. It all started at the beginning of my second semester when we were given a big colour project to do over several months. This involved looking at colour theory and colour mixing, but also our own experimentation and a final piece/s.

 I can’t remember quite where I started (I haven’t had my sketchbook back yet). But one of the things I remembered from a kid was how messy your fingers got when eating Smarties. I thought I’d utilise this and put Smarties onto wet cartridge paper expecting the colours to run and seep into one another and blend together giving a range of softer colours.

This didn’t happen very much at all – presumably too many mums complained about stained clothes and they have changed the formulations and the range of colours for healthier alternatives (pre common knowledge about E numbers etc).

But what did happen was the sugar in the coating acted as a glue and stuck them to the paper. It just seemed fun and certainly stopped me eating them. Once I brought them home I’d unwittingly left them in the dog’s reach and the colours soon faded!


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