It’s taken me a crazy amount of time to fathom out how to add a blog roll, even my son who is far more computerate than me struggled with it. I’ve only added a few so far, but catching up on the tinpot one  I found photos of me working at the museum.

Also I found on Jean Pierre Coasne’s a photo of an embossing I gave them as a gift when we visited in May. It was a wood cut of Queen Anne’s Lace (or Cow Parsley to give it it’s common name) or Anthriscus sylvestris in Latin.

Wood cut of cow parsley  
I’ve taken lots of photos of cow parsley at different times of the year and various stages of growth. I love it’s delicate tiny flowers which totally belie it tenacity, it’s a real thug and seeds so readily and swamps out other wild flowers.

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These are just a few of my photos of cow parsley and it’s relatives. Some of which I used in another project. Another day.