I’ve spent part of the day moving things around in my studio, ready for the first weekend of insight (artists’open studios).


Still plenty to do, but I’ve hung my Colour Spinner. It has had a slight adjustment so that it fits – the ceiling is higher in the dining room where it normal hangs.

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The slideshow shows it during construction in my studio space at uni. It is much better to see in reality and to have a spin of it for real. My idea came from the circles of card we all played with as kids to change the effect of the colours as it spun. The first one I did was CD size and worked, but the next few experiment were total disasters, so it was a case of sorting out the technical problems before I went big. The disc is 500mm diameter and the overall length about 2.5 metres hanging. It has 24 colours changing slightly all through the visible spectrum – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet back to red.

The finished 'Colour Spinner' in my space at uni.