Another good day visitor-wise for the ‘open studio’. First job today between visitors was to fill the big hole from yesterday’s sale. I’ve framed up the other piece that was on my page in the insight brochure. A felt piece called ‘Autumn’ that was inspired by a photo taken in our local woods when the beech leaves had fallen on a beautiful autumnal (love that word) day when the leaves were at just  at the right crunchiness for kicking through.

It had that lovely autumnal feel this morning when my son and I walked the dog just before it was time to open. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, a slight nip in the air but the promise of one of those beautiful golden days. We are so lucky to have the woods on our doorstep (5 minutes away). But it will be back to uni next week, so I’ll only get to go at weekends then and Miles not until Christmas, so we must make the most of the last precious days of the holidays.  We both love the courses that we are doing and are keen to get back really ( and who wouldn’t want to go back to the Lake District?).