I’ve had a hectic week, taking Miles back to Penrith, another weekend of insight open studios and then yesterday back at uni myself.

I had my Summer Project (various drawing topics) to pull together and collate, ready to present to the group this afternoon. When I started looking for the various leaflets, notes I’d made, photographs I’d taken I surprised myself with how many things I’ve seen and done over the break. A whitework workshop with Tracy Franklin (it’s nearly finished), a day at Art in Action at Waterperry House in Oxfordshire (must put next year’s dates in my diary, need two days), various days out with the French twinning visitors including a day at Spurn Point, a week in the Czech Republic including 4 days in Prague and area, a day at the Quilt Show at the NEC in Birmingham, a day at the sewing exhibition at  the Showground in Harrogate and I’m sure there are some that I’ve missed. All of these things have and will continue to have an effect on my work. The huge bank of photographs (several thousand just over the summer) that I’ve taken are useful reminders of things that have caught my eye and attention and good starting points for pieces of work. These leaf faces were a couple of images I used for accidental drawing. They are just  such fun.