I’ve been to Scunthorpe Embroiderer’s Guild today, it was a workshop  called ‘The Midas Touch’ with Lynne Porter. The day went really quickly – a sure sign we were having fun.

There were 3 different sets of materials to work with, each theoretically lasting an hour, but before I knew five and a half hours had gone by. It worked really well, 3 work areas were set up and Lynne moved round every 10 minutes or so having given us a demonstration on what we could do with the materials, left us experimenting  (OK – playing) with them for 20 minutes as she showed the other 2 groups then came back with more ideas or other bits of the kit to use.

At the end of each hour the equipment baskets were moved to the next group and we started with the next kit.

The first session was working with metal shim and metal mesh.

The first sample reminded me of smocking, I’ll maybe stitch into it sometime.

This one was a  daisy stencil that I changed the layout.

I continued with the daisy theme for most of the day.