I’ve had another play with Brusho powders in the last few weeks. They are lovely to use, well a bit messy if you’re not careful with them!! But give lovely results if you can be patient and let them do their own thing. Working on well soaked damp cartridge paper that was blotted dry, I sprinkled small amounts of individual colours on separate pieces of paper, and left overnight. The powders spread out to produce lovely patterns, some of these looked like flowers. I find the best way to not touch them until completely dry (the magic continues to work until then) is to do use it just before I have to go and do something else. They also work well sprinkling several colours together but beware of using too many or it can become muddy – especially if you try to help!

I then scanned the pieces of Brusho-ed papers, it leaves a little residue on the paper which I didn’t want on this piece.

They were then cut to size, folded and joined together  gradating across the spectrum.

The finished piece was hung from the ceiling where it twists and turns in the draft.