It was Embroiderer’s Guild again yesterday. What fun I had. We were making ‘quick’ Christmas wall hangings using an old Christmas card for inspiration. I couldn’t find any that especially grabbed but did find some really blingy scraps that I bought cheap ages ago that I had no idea how I would ever use them. I didn’t even like the colours – pinks and purples. Totally out of my comfort zone, but a challenge to push your own boundries occassionally.

Well I got out my bits out and wondered what I could do with them. I wanted to cut them into small sections or cut out ‘windows’ and put things behind or something. Not sure. So I went for a wander to look at all the bits that had been provide to use, add to what you’d got or just inspire. And I found this card.

Perfect. Right colours and shapes. So the fabrics were ironed on to bond-a-web, then I cut out alternate squares at the top to give a castellated effect and holes for windows and doors, I put some of the same fabric in silver behind the holes, some at angles to look like leaded windows. The shimmery bluey, turquoise was bond-a-webbed to the french navy background fabric, then the buildings laid on top and ironed down.

When I got home I just laid on the stars to see how it’ll look.

A bigger silver one in the middle.

The colours don’t look true on the photo of the whole piece  and it needs some more work yet, but I’m pleased with it so far even though it is nothing like my usual work. And if you can’t have bling at Christmas I don’t know when you can!!