I’ve more or less finished my essay for college. I had hoped to finish it before Christmas but more pressing things took over in the last week. Like trying to find the dining table! It was piled high with various projects, books, college work, sewing machine and general dumping ground. I did manage to sort and deal with things properly and sensibly for a change – not the usual last minute out of sight, out of mind that then needs more work in the long term, even if it can be found! I was working on the principle if the cloth and the table centre decoration was on before my friend arrived on Christmas Eve (staying until  last night – Tuesday) that the mess underneath and around the table wouldn’t be noticed. The tree and the table being the focal point. It more or less worked!!! Oh, to be tidy and organised!

The only creative things I’ve done since finishing college has been cooking and tree decorating, and yesterday a bit in the garden – had to make the most of the lovely day. But I have had some time to relax and chill out with friends, some long walks – need to try and counteract the good food somehow! But I do feel I’ve had chance to recharge my batteries and made more progress with my essay last night and today than the bit I did last week.

Plenty of work to do in my sketchbook for the assessments in a couple of weeks, although the practical work was coming along steadily.

I made a triangular Christmas tree  initially to hang at the entrance to the second year space and then in the hall at home. It was tricky to photograph as I couldn’t get a clear background behind it. When you see it for real the eye filters out the extraneous stuff around and behind it and focuses on the piece but the camera doesn’t. It’s made of very fine rayon thread which catches the light as it moves.

The frame the second version was constructed on – the first one collapsed as I (with help) tried to even it up where it hung. It meant the technical problems were sorted out!

Part way through construction, each side was strung with a slightly different shade of green.

The rayon threads have a sheen which catches the light.

This shows just the top section of the final tree once  the frame was removed and it was suspended. The triangular base remains.

It all loosened up and lost it’s tension when it was transported home first on the bus and then in the car – it would have moved better if it had been re-attached to the construction frame but at about 6ft high it would have proved more difficult on the bus and wouldn’t have gone in the car. Maybe next year I’ll restring it.

The wooden base had fine toning tinselly stuff put round the bottom to make it more visible so nobody walks in to it, it also hides the wood and the hooks. The triangle to the left is its shadow.