Inside or outside of the box bottom?


Where has the 6 months gone since I last posted?  (Written in June and couldn’t upload photos). I couldn’t believe it was so long. I have done lots of creative work, mainly work for my fine art degree course, much of which I don’t like to post before it has been assessed (tomorrow and then the feedback).

I have now finished a fabric box that I made at a workshop with Rachel Lombard Scunthorpe Embroiderer’s Guild a month or so ago. I got on really well on the day and almost finished it much to my and everyone else’s surprise – I just needed to sew up the sides on the base and the top, but wanted to photograph it first. There were a couple of options of which way I should stitch the base, the same way as the top or a contrast. The top I had little choice about as the fabric bubbled slightly when I ironed on the iron-on vilene, so the design on the top was to hid / disguise this as much as possible.

Gold thread used for  the  joining stitching

In the end I decided it worked best with the contrasting top and bottom.