On Thursday last week I went with Miles our son to Spurn to see Alice Fox’s exhibition in the lighthouse. It was grey and raining when we set off but the sun was shining by the time we got there (about an hour and a half). It’s always worth a trip to Spurn but this was extra special. The work was fabulous and echoed the colours and textures of the inside of the lighthouse. It was displayed over the six floors and as usual nosiness overcame my fear of the height and winding staircase. I just had to take it slowly in places – which gave me longer to admire the work. The views from the top were stunning too. You can see a long way all the way round and it  gives you a whole new perspective of the place.

Its an intriguing place – a long narrow spit of land with the Humber Estuary on one side and the North Sea on the other. Unusually there wasn’t much wind but it was still an invigorating walk on the beech, the tide was going out and  later Alice commented that it was a lower tide than usual when we were at the top of the lighthouse.




We found lots of treasures as usual, shells and pebbles and what looked like a giant’s pencil, unfortunately far too long  (about 10 size 11 feet) and heavy to bring home!

I’ve also taken loads of photos of the tops of the groynes, some wonderful patterns and textures.



Just a couple.

I’ve come away with some ideas for a new body of work, but at the moment the ideas are just beginning to flow.

I did a whole series of pieces on Spurn a few years ago for an extended project when I was doing my  A level Art.

This one is a combination of silk paper and felting techniques.

A close-up of a Brusho piece that was part of a mobile.

It was a good end to the summer holidays. The next day was the first day back  in at uni. Start properly tomorrow.