These fungi are from last autumn, part of my studio practice. The real fungus just looks so tactile, velvety and soft, but I am always wary of damaging them, or of them being very poisonous. I ended up creating my own by crocheting them with various textured yarns.

Working towards the final push of the last three years for the degree show at Hull School of Art and Design, the preview evening is Friday 31st May 2013, 6-9pm.

The boxes have gradually been ticked.

Presentation of my work, powerpoint slide show and 20 minute talk about past and present work, my influences and inspirations.

Dissertation done – Art and Craft: the Interface. The question of which camp I sit in has been asked on occasion, which is what prompted the enquiry. I just have a compulsion to create, and the boundaries  have shifted over time and no doubt will continue to do so.

My proposal for the space I would like for the show has gone in, it’s now just waiting to see what I’m allocated, some of the work is site specific, so until I know I can’t start producing final pieces.

The degree show has now happened and a good night was had by all.