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I have carried on with the canvas work, the cross-stitched flaps are now filled in.




I worked each flap the right way up so the stitches are right as you look at each flap, rather than working left to right, top to bottom.


Each flap is different shades of green. The middle square is again worked with each side facing so the stitches are right as you look at it from each side, using mainly tent stitches in different shades and textures.


I then did  several shades of purple cross stitches randomly around the outer square.


Outline for a knot garden

Outline for a knot garden

This is another unfinished project I found while looking for something else. I took it along to a group I was joining thinking it would get me started again, and that I’d soon finish it. (I took other things with me too!! – ever the optimist.) I then had it pointed out to me that I’d miss counted one side, so ended up pulling out. It was suggested that I make sides so it can be a pincushion.

Filling in  around the "pond"

Filling in around the “pond”

I ran out of wool for the outline (more at home), so started stitching in the middle. More to pull out as the flaps where not going to be deep enough either.

 More filling in using various shades of green.

More filling in using various shades of green.

Different sizes of tent stitches and french knots.