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I finished filling in the centre section of the cushion.

It’s slightly twisted, so I’ve taken it off the frame, re-stitched the denim round the sides making sure the stitches follow the holes of the canvas – they were all over the place before


This piece of canvas work must be my oldest unfinished project. It was started to cover one of a set of eight old carved wooden dining chairs, before we moved here nearly 24 years ago. The colours were chosen to go with our then dining room. When we moved here there was a very good carpet (Axminster?) predominantly in reds and blues which wasn’t our choice but has proved really good over the years, the walls eventually ended up red and the chairs upholstered to match, so this was never going to be used for the chairs (nor will I live long enough to do  eight at at the current pace!!).


So I’ve decided to make it in to a big floor cushion which will go in the lounge, the colours are perfect for in there, I just hadn’t realised until I came across it recently. A few problems though. I could only find three of the four colours for the unfinished centre section. Fortunately, the brighter one on the left is the same, so I’ve been unpicking that as I’ve needed to.


The centre section is nearly finished. It’s taken a while to get back into the pattern / design (my own), and I’m assessing the balance as I go. So far I’ve spent nearly as much time unpicking as doing, as I keep making counting errors at the beginning of each row, so much so that I started a little way in after a while and worked in both directions.


It had been taken off the frame years ago, and the one I re-stretched it on to is one that winds at each end so you only see the area you’re working on, not the whole thing. It is  very bulky for this type of frame, so I’ve found a bigger one (charity shop bargain), which will mean that the whole area is on view as I work. It’s easier doing the middle section on the smaller one, but it will be better on the bigger one for the edges.

imageWhen packing away the Christmas decorations I remembered the fairy / angel that I finally finished in the lead up to Christmas. She has topped the tree topless and armless for several years, the arms were made, they just needed attaching, and I needed a tiny rectangle of soft white cotton to line the bodice. The skirt, pantaloons and bodice are part of an old recycled embroidery anglaise petticoat, and the wings are Angelina. A couple of beads for eyes, a few tiny stitches for her mouth, and some unravelled leftover wool for her hair. Done! crazy that she had taken so long to finish.ImageImageImage

As usual the holiday period has flown by. Our son has just left, for a two hour journey tonight rather than very early tomorrow morning to start work at 8.30 am.

I’ve not had much chance to sew, but did a little bit of a big canvas work while they watched football the other afternoon.

I very early finished the little canvas pin cushion that might become a box top, I’ve not decide yet.

But pre-christmas I also managed to make a stocking for a very special little girl.My niece’s nearly 4 year old, Evie, OK, OK  my great niece, but that makes me sound so old!!! I am young at heart though and it’s great to see the magic of Christmas through little ones eyes.

P1240910 P1240911 P1250047

It had to be made very quickly, as it was a last minute request from my niece. Much to my surprise this was the only piece of christmassy fabric I had that was remotely suitable (or at least that I could find!). A piece I’d had for a while and didn’t want to cut up, so it was just perfect with some plain red for the toe, heel, top, and  lining, and green with tiny red red spots for the letters of her name. I used bond-a-web and satin stitched  them too to attach the letters, and satin stitched the heel and toe pieces.

The other project I’ve finally done was to mount and frame  the pieces from all the x-stitch cards my second cousin has sent over many years, which took lots of measuring and working out but finally ended up as this.


It still didn’t take me nearly as long as Pam had spent on the individual motif’s over the years. Now it will come out with  all the other the decorations every year.