This piece of canvas work must be my oldest unfinished project. It was started to cover one of a set of eight old carved wooden dining chairs, before we moved here nearly 24 years ago. The colours were chosen to go with our then dining room. When we moved here there was a very good carpet (Axminster?) predominantly in reds and blues which wasn’t our choice but has proved really good over the years, the walls eventually ended up red and the chairs upholstered to match, so this was never going to be used for the chairs (nor will I live long enough to do  eight at at the current pace!!).


So I’ve decided to make it in to a big floor cushion which will go in the lounge, the colours are perfect for in there, I just hadn’t realised until I came across it recently. A few problems though. I could only find three of the four colours for the unfinished centre section. Fortunately, the brighter one on the left is the same, so I’ve been unpicking that as I’ve needed to.


The centre section is nearly finished. It’s taken a while to get back into the pattern / design (my own), and I’m assessing the balance as I go. So far I’ve spent nearly as much time unpicking as doing, as I keep making counting errors at the beginning of each row, so much so that I started a little way in after a while and worked in both directions.


It had been taken off the frame years ago, and the one I re-stretched it on to is one that winds at each end so you only see the area you’re working on, not the whole thing. It is  very bulky for this type of frame, so I’ve found a bigger one (charity shop bargain), which will mean that the whole area is on view as I work. It’s easier doing the middle section on the smaller one, but it will be better on the bigger one for the edges.