Crazy. The children’s sewing machine I mentioned in my last post I’d only thought about as I was writing about doll’s clothes. It had long since been forgotten. On Saturday when visiting a friend in Shifnal, Shropshire we’d gone for a wander around the town and I spotted an A-board promoting a vintage sewing shop called The Material Girls  Of course, I had to take a look and this was the first thing I spotted – up on the top shelf. (I went back with my son for him to take photos on his phone for me.)


The very same sewing machine I had in the sixties, even down to the box.


Whatever happened to it I have no idea.


I was as excited to see it as I must have been to have it all those years ago –  in spite of finding it so frustrating to use. Apparently it did a chain stitch rather than having a bobbin according to one of the customer’s in the shop who had also had one years ago. She had also found it frustrating. It was in really good condition, bright and shiny, I can still remember how thrilled I was too receive it.