These are the flours I had for Mother’s Day! Miles doesn’t know (nor me) what the blue one is – I guess it’s a fine flour for cake-making. I’ve not had much success with rye bread in the past, but we had a talk from a bread-maker (Linda Hewitt) at WI a couple of months ago and all of her recipes I’ve tried have been successful and she’s given me some tips.20140330-202000.jpg


We had an Alison Larkin workshop at Embroiderer’s Guild on Saturday morning, and her talk in the afternoon. Miniature embroidery. Glasses and a magnifier for me. Very fine poly cotton to stitch on with a single strand of embroidery floss – 1:12 scale.


Split stitch with a single strand of floss


Detail of split stitch. The hoop is 10 cm (4inches) diameter.


Back stitch outline on leaf


Detail of start of whipping on back stitch.


Finished whipped back stitch.


Seeding and square trellis stitch on leaf.


Slanted satin stitch over split stitch outline on bud.

Much as I enjoyed working on a small scale I found it hard on my eyes and certainly need to work in good light. I don’t have Alison patience and attention to detail, she also works in smaller scales, 1:24, 1:48 and even 1: 144, but 1:12 is quite fine enough for me!