Once I’d sorted out the corners, the final border was plain sailing. It just took awhile, as the finished piece is 16 inches by 15 inches.20140626-161659-58619081.jpg

The finished border, ready to take off the frame.

20140626-161659-58619627.jpgThis shows the canvas piece laid on the cushion and the fabric for the edging and back. It only gives a vague impression as the extra canvas and denim are folded underneath. It’s now ready for the scary bit – blocking. Not something I’ve done before with such a big piece of canvas work, nor unaided. But too impatient to wait for help.

20140626-161700-58620173.jpgI’ve read how to do it in a couple of different books. Basically, it needs damping and stretching over an old sheet into a board with push pins or tacks, making sure it is straight and square, and leaving to dry thoroughly. One book recommends for at least a week. I’ve got mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it means I’ve got to be patient before I unpin it to see how it looks and to finish it off, on the other it means I can start (or continue) with another project without feeling I should finish this first.

20140626-161701-58621142.jpgThe blocking has to be done wrong side up, which means you can see the messy side, no knots (uncomfortable to lean or sit on), just woven through ends.


I’ve  just got to be patient.