We’ve got two of our French friends from the local twinning coming to stay early next week. So I / we are on the usual tidying up mission before  they arrive.

It’s my long on-going battle to be more tidy / organised and every so often I read and try to put into practise “why am I so disorganised? sort out your stuff” by Dr Marilyn Paul. It’s certainly helped over the years; it’s now relatively rare for me to loose my keys / purse / glasses etc. because I do usually put them in their own place, and my time keeping is much better. But other things I’m still struggling with.

One of the things that came up was why you want to be more organised. Yesterday morning I’d written” … to have our home warm (cool) and comfortable with our interesting things displayed for our ( and others) pleasure and interest”.

I spent the morning sorting out books and embroidery and quilting magazines, and doing paperwork.

So going to Alex underatopazsky yesterday  afternoon  for a  break and a catch up was lovely. We did lots of nattering and exchanging of ideas, although we didn’t do any stitching I came away energised and inspired.

Her beautifully displayed collections made me think of my / our “treasures” that were hidden under a piles of junk and what I’d written in the morning.

Alex had given me a white cuff, which kept me awake in the early hours, ideas chasing around my head. So I was up at 5.30 to make a start (secret at the moment) and  after an hour of stitching and making notes, I went to look amongst this heap for a tiny wire butterfly. No luck, I’ll just have to tidy another area!


This was an area that still hadn’t been sorted since our water leak back at the end of 2012. It just looked altogether too daunting.

But it did go from this to this. I don’t know why the print tray was facing the wall. It’s improving already.


And soon, to this (just don’t look at the dining table!)


Lots of things I’d forgotten about.


Some I’ve collected since the original print tray (including another print tray) I did for  “Passions and Obsessions” for my A level art exam just over four years ago. It was a mixture of found and made “natural” objects: shells, pebbles, cones, butterflies (made in silk from my own photographs), feathers (all but one had dis-intergrated / been eaten), things that inspire and inform much of my work.


The butterflies are about life-size and the silk is so fine they flutter in the breeze.P1010867

IMG_2480  IMG_2479 I also found this arch /gateway which was one of the starting points of the wooden discs  https://debbidipity.wordpress.com/2013/04/20/wooden-waistcoat/   and this old wooden nodding penguin had also been hidden away.IMG_2481

If I keep working away at small areas eventually they’ll all join together.