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What a beautiful autumn day. I’ve managed two walks in the local woods today and one yesterday. The first one each day was the FUNctional  one of walking the dog – to me the best part of having a dog is the walks it entails. Even when I’m really busy the dog has to have her walk, it’s one of the things I miss on uni days. I just can’t get up earlier to walk her  – nor would she be impressed nowadays.

The second one today was work I started the film element of Film and Sound on Friday at uni. While walking Truff yesterday I was looking around me with fresh eyes and thinking that the leaves would all be off the trees by next weekend even if I borrowed a camera from college it would be too late, when I suddenly remembered an old camcorder we bought as a Christmas present for all of us to all of us ten or a dozen years ago.

This morning it was found and put on for the batteries to charge. So this afternoon we had another walk, the light was still good and I’ve captured about 35 minutes of short clips, just need to work out how to download / watch it now. I’m hoping that I’ve got at least a few workable bits. If it’s worked  I post some footage later.

For now I’ll put on some of my photos of  some fungi in the woods.


Another good day visitor-wise for the ‘open studio’. First job today between visitors was to fill the big hole from yesterday’s sale. I’ve framed up the other piece that was on my page in the insight brochure. A felt piece called ‘Autumn’ that was inspired by a photo taken in our local woods when the beech leaves had fallen on a beautiful autumnal (love that word) day when the leaves were at just  at the right crunchiness for kicking through.

It had that lovely autumnal feel this morning when my son and I walked the dog just before it was time to open. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, a slight nip in the air but the promise of one of those beautiful golden days. We are so lucky to have the woods on our doorstep (5 minutes away). But it will be back to uni next week, so I’ll only get to go at weekends then and Miles not until Christmas, so we must make the most of the last precious days of the holidays.  We both love the courses that we are doing and are keen to get back really ( and who wouldn’t want to go back to the Lake District?).


Drift by my window

This will be the fourth year I’ve taken part in  North Lincolnshire Artists’ Open Studios. The whole event is well worth a visit, lots of inspiring work to see and the opportunity to talk to the individual artists. (This is the bit I miss – seeing the other artists work, as we are all open at the same time.) Saturday and Sunday, 17/18 & 24/25 September 2011, 10.30 – 5.00 each day.

The colours of autumn and the leaves falling from the trees were my inspiration for this textile piece. The layers were built up overlapping the individual leaves in different weight fabrics, some opaque and some transparent, stitch and burning adding to the texture of the finished piece.

This shows  a close up detail of ‘Drift by my window’.

close up of 'Drift by my window'