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For some reason when I posted this last week it didn’t appear! And only part of the draft was saved. Frustrating, but hey, so here I go again.

I’d nearly got to the end of this section when I realised it wasn’t going to meet up properly. It would have involved loads of unpicking, again. I decided to finish it off and see if it was obvious. I showed it to 3 observant folk and none of them could find it. Phew! I even have to look hard for it myself a few days on.

20140612-204639-74799672.jpg  The finished piece.

20140612-204639-74799891.jpgBut it wasn’t really as big as I wanted, and there is enough canvas to make it a bit larger. So I’m now putting on an extra border to make it bigger. I bought several feather filled cushions some years ago. One of which was ear-marked for an Indian cushion I received as a “thank you” for making a quilt for friends that was inspired by  several of these cushions. No idea what I was planning on doing with the others. But I want this cushion to be the same size.

This is it so far. I then had to take it to be photographed for “insight” open artist studios in North and North East Lincolnshire the last two weekends of September and first in October. More about this nearer the time. I was so close to finishing it but just ran out of time. Usually it’s not the whole piece that’s used for the brochure, so not really a problem. I just wanted to finish it off.

20140612-204640-74800089.jpgI’ve used the same pattern (just over more holes) as the outer border and the divisions of the sections.

IMG_1604The 2 small triangles and one large triangle give the impression of a heart, so it will have a border of hearts, once I get it back.



Busy, busy, busy summer. Have spent time with Czech friends, German friends and lastly a Spanish friend ( and English ones too). Lots of day trips while the Czech and Spanish friends were here,  Lincoln, Whitby, Flamborough, several of the National Trust properties;  The Vyne, Beningborough, Gunby Hall and Keddlestone, as well theYorkshire Sculpture  Park, more that I can’t recall just now. Also lots of eating and drinking (plenty of walks too, to try and counteract all the good food).

The eating and drinking also took place in France camping before we went to the German friends just outside Frankfurt (yet more good food and local cider (apfelwein), further camping was planned but in the end it was so wet we did day trips instead. Again the walking and cycling helped the waist line.

One of the reason for going to Germany was to take the quilt I had made for the latest edition to the family, Sanna Matilda; she finally arrived 10 days late two days before we were due to leave and we had the great privilege of seeing her in hospital the day after she was born.

Lime green,  yellow  and sunflower fabrics ready to start the cot quilt.


Section of finished quilt.


Day old Sanna with her quilt.

Have seen and done lots of new things which will have an influence on my work  over the summer, now the holidays are over its back to reality. I do enjoy my reality, I’m very fortunate in that I enjoy my work (holistic therapies) and I’m  looking forward to going back to uni for my third and final year of my Contemporary Fine Art Practice  degree course in just over a week. It’ll certainly be challenging and plenty to keep me busy.

Before that though I’m  again opening my studio for insight the North Lincolnshire  Artists’ Open Studios weekends on September 22 & 23, 29 & 30. I’ve been sorting out the space (I’m a terrible hoarder and think everything will come in useful sometime, so I’ve been trying to be realistic about some real junk – it’s so difficult to part with things!!!) and now I’m nearly ready to starting hanging paintings etc.

I’ve had a hectic week, taking Miles back to Penrith, another weekend of insight open studios and then yesterday back at uni myself.

I had my Summer Project (various drawing topics) to pull together and collate, ready to present to the group this afternoon. When I started looking for the various leaflets, notes I’d made, photographs I’d taken I surprised myself with how many things I’ve seen and done over the break. A whitework workshop with Tracy Franklin (it’s nearly finished), a day at Art in Action at Waterperry House in Oxfordshire (must put next year’s dates in my diary, need two days), various days out with the French twinning visitors including a day at Spurn Point, a week in the Czech Republic including 4 days in Prague and area, a day at the Quilt Show at the NEC in Birmingham, a day at the sewing exhibition at  the Showground in Harrogate and I’m sure there are some that I’ve missed. All of these things have and will continue to have an effect on my work. The huge bank of photographs (several thousand just over the summer) that I’ve taken are useful reminders of things that have caught my eye and attention and good starting points for pieces of work. These leaf faces were a couple of images I used for accidental drawing. They are just  such fun.

Another good day visitor-wise for the ‘open studio’. First job today between visitors was to fill the big hole from yesterday’s sale. I’ve framed up the other piece that was on my page in the insight brochure. A felt piece called ‘Autumn’ that was inspired by a photo taken in our local woods when the beech leaves had fallen on a beautiful autumnal (love that word) day when the leaves were at just  at the right crunchiness for kicking through.

It had that lovely autumnal feel this morning when my son and I walked the dog just before it was time to open. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, a slight nip in the air but the promise of one of those beautiful golden days. We are so lucky to have the woods on our doorstep (5 minutes away). But it will be back to uni next week, so I’ll only get to go at weekends then and Miles not until Christmas, so we must make the most of the last precious days of the holidays.  We both love the courses that we are doing and are keen to get back really ( and who wouldn’t want to go back to the Lake District?).


It’s the first day of the open studio tomorrow, I’m nearly ready – just a few things to do. The signs to go up outside, and a few more things to move. Not sure what I’ll work on in between visitors, several on-going projects that I could get on with, but also some ideas for new work. I’ll decide in the morning.

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Nearly forgot about my little Cow Parsley ‘book’, it’s only
2 1/4 inches square when it’s closed. The front and back are embroidered in silk threads on a raw silk background and the inside twisty pages are my photos of Cow Parsley and it’s relatives at different times of the year.

I’ve spent part of the day moving things around in my studio, ready for the first weekend of insight (artists’open studios).

Still plenty to do, but I’ve hung my Colour Spinner. It has had a slight adjustment so that it fits – the ceiling is higher in the dining room where it normal hangs.

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The slideshow shows it during construction in my studio space at uni. It is much better to see in reality and to have a spin of it for real. My idea came from the circles of card we all played with as kids to change the effect of the colours as it spun. The first one I did was CD size and worked, but the next few experiment were total disasters, so it was a case of sorting out the technical problems before I went big. The disc is 500mm diameter and the overall length about 2.5 metres hanging. It has 24 colours changing slightly all through the visible spectrum – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet back to red.

The finished 'Colour Spinner' in my space at uni.