I’ve had a really good day for the ‘open studio’. Lots of lovely comments and interest in my work. More people through than I’ve had in a whole weekend before. A few familiar faces but also some new ones.

I’ve not had much time to do any current work or to start anything new. Although I have nearly finished stitching a beautiful jellyfish that was inspired by some we saw in France on the west coast last year. They were really difficult to photograph but the photos supplement the images I have in my head to work from. I’ve not taken any pictures of it yet , but its done on hand dyed fabric for the background and the threads were done in the same dye bath, and layers of organza. I ‘m planning on hanging it from a piece of drift wood, but haven’t found a suitable piece yet.

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Had a lovely time discussing textiles, art work and ideas with my friend underatopazsky and her two daughters this afternoon. It was the first time she’d seen my studio – we usually only see one another at Scunthorpe Embroiderers’ Guild and then only erratically. It’s good to see her work for real, beautiful miniature pieces but at least by looking at her blog I get a fix more often. Also the way she stitches through meetings etc in her busy schedule is inspirational, she showed me her mini kit that she takes everywhere. I must make myself one and then I could stitch on the bus once I’m back at uni. I’d then  also always have things to take on my travels instead of not having time to find something to take when I’m frantically packing at the last minute.

Then right at the end of the afternoon when I thought I’d have no more visitors, a couple arrived and shortly afterwards a lady who has bought ‘Drift by my window’ (see earlier blog). Sad in a way to sell it but feel it has gone to a good home. My work becomes a little part of me or  me a part of the work or something, so I feel an attachment to my pieces, which makes it’s a little hard to let some of them go. Anyway autumn is well on it’s way, so I’m sure I’ll be inspired by the colours and the falling leaves over the next few weeks