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I was tagged by Alex from underatopazsky, a great source of encouragement and inspiration to me, I get a regular fix of looking at her work for real at Scunthorpe Embroiderers Guild. Its good to spend time with like-minded creative folk in reality and in blog land. Thank you all for hopping over from her site.

I also live in North Lincolnshire, in a village with woodland on the doorstep. Regular walks whatever the weather all the year round are a great source of inspiration for me. My blog name of debbidipity was chosen because of the way I dip into all sorts of art and craft techniques with varying degrees of success. I finished a B.A in Fine Art Practice at Hull School of Art and Design as a mature student last year.

1.What am I working on?

As usual several (many) different projects: quilts; embroidery; painting; canvas work; finishing off lots of small mainly Embroiderer’s Guild projects; decorating; sorting, filtering, re-arranging and tidying my work spaces; writing; preparation for a large mosaic; a few little books; plotting, planning and designing new work; several running sketchbooks.


quilt inspired by woods




old suitcase retrieved from Dad’s loft cleaned up


vintage fabrics etc yet to be explored


fabric washed ready to use for a quilt inspired by a stained glass lampshade

designs with paper for above quilt design


2.How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I always have several projects on the go at a time, this keeps the ideas fresh and lets the work develop further, one thing leads to another and techniques from one media lend themselves to others. This transfer of skills across different media is what makes my work my own.


3.Why do I write / create what I do?

It’s just an integral part of me as far back as I can remember. I’m a doer, which isn’t to say I don’t think, but the thinking is best when my hands are busy too. When I see somebody else making something I want to have a go, not to copy what they are doing but to put my own slant on the process. It always has to be a challenge, part of the learning curve. I may make more than one of something (quilts for example), but everyone is different. Some of the things I make have a repetitive element to them, but this is good planning and problem solving time for other stages of the project or for another project entirely.


4.How does my writing / creating process work?

I don’t write a great deal other than “my pages” every morning, something I have done for many years now, since reading Julia Cameron’s The Artists Way. It sorts out my head, letting go of the dross, the trivia and trivial, processing things that are bugging or worrying me, which in turn helps make space for the creative things in my life. Some days the muse just flows and as I’m writing ways to solve the project in hand just end up on the page.

The creative process mainly works in a couple of ways. Occasionally I wake up with an image in my head of a finished piece. This may sound great but usually when this happens I have little or no idea how to execute them. Often my creative writing comes this way, but usually in the middle of the night with words chasing around my head, going round in circles until I jot them down, and once I have I go back to sleep, if I resist they just keep me awake.

A large felt sunflower piece came to me in this way. It was only the second piece of felting I had done, and by far the largest piece of work, other than a couple of quilts, I had taken on at this time. I had no idea how to make this piece but once I set up the pre-felted background 1 metre by 2 metres and had the fleece to hand it just flowed, and once it was hung in the pre-determined place it looked just as I had envisioned it.



felted sunflowers


Far more frequently some “treasure” be it a leaf, a thread or a piece of quilting fabric will inspire me to create. Sometimes this is sketched, planned and designed before the process begins, at others I make a start not knowing whether it will end or how it will look. It evolves as I go along, analysing and assessing each stage as it progresses.


ladybird fabric just had to go in my garden inspired quilt


nearly finished garden inspired quilt

My nominated blogger is writer Lois Elsden,  She is as intrigued by words and their meanings as my language teacher husband. Lois has published several e-books and continues to write all day every day.

Also take a look at Jean Pierre a french friend printer, he can’t take part in the blog hop, but well worth a look.

I’ve had a really good day for the ‘open studio’. Lots of lovely comments and interest in my work. More people through than I’ve had in a whole weekend before. A few familiar faces but also some new ones.

I’ve not had much time to do any current work or to start anything new. Although I have nearly finished stitching a beautiful jellyfish that was inspired by some we saw in France on the west coast last year. They were really difficult to photograph but the photos supplement the images I have in my head to work from. I’ve not taken any pictures of it yet , but its done on hand dyed fabric for the background and the threads were done in the same dye bath, and layers of organza. I ‘m planning on hanging it from a piece of drift wood, but haven’t found a suitable piece yet.

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Had a lovely time discussing textiles, art work and ideas with my friend underatopazsky and her two daughters this afternoon. It was the first time she’d seen my studio – we usually only see one another at Scunthorpe Embroiderers’ Guild and then only erratically. It’s good to see her work for real, beautiful miniature pieces but at least by looking at her blog I get a fix more often. Also the way she stitches through meetings etc in her busy schedule is inspirational, she showed me her mini kit that she takes everywhere. I must make myself one and then I could stitch on the bus once I’m back at uni. I’d then  also always have things to take on my travels instead of not having time to find something to take when I’m frantically packing at the last minute.

Then right at the end of the afternoon when I thought I’d have no more visitors, a couple arrived and shortly afterwards a lady who has bought ‘Drift by my window’ (see earlier blog). Sad in a way to sell it but feel it has gone to a good home. My work becomes a little part of me or  me a part of the work or something, so I feel an attachment to my pieces, which makes it’s a little hard to let some of them go. Anyway autumn is well on it’s way, so I’m sure I’ll be inspired by the colours and the falling leaves over the next few weeks

Drift by my window

This will be the fourth year I’ve taken part in  North Lincolnshire Artists’ Open Studios. The whole event is well worth a visit, lots of inspiring work to see and the opportunity to talk to the individual artists. (This is the bit I miss – seeing the other artists work, as we are all open at the same time.) Saturday and Sunday, 17/18 & 24/25 September 2011, 10.30 – 5.00 each day.

The colours of autumn and the leaves falling from the trees were my inspiration for this textile piece. The layers were built up overlapping the individual leaves in different weight fabrics, some opaque and some transparent, stitch and burning adding to the texture of the finished piece.

This shows  a close up detail of ‘Drift by my window’.

close up of 'Drift by my window'