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I’ve had another play with Brusho powders in the last few weeks. They are lovely to use, well a bit messy if you’re not careful with them!! But give lovely results if you can be patient and let them do their own thing. Working on well soaked damp cartridge paper that was blotted dry, I sprinkled small amounts of individual colours on separate pieces of paper, and left overnight. The powders spread out to produce lovely patterns, some of these looked like flowers. I find the best way to not touch them until completely dry (the magic continues to work until then) is to do use it just before I have to go and do something else. They also work well sprinkling several colours together but beware of using too many or it can become muddy – especially if you try to help!

I then scanned the pieces of Brusho-ed papers, it leaves a little residue on the paper which I didn’t want on this piece.

They were then cut to size, folded and joined together  gradating across the spectrum.

The finished piece was hung from the ceiling where it twists and turns in the draft.

What a treat!! We went to see the Gabriel Dawe Plexus No. 10 at The Hub, Sleaford yesterday. His work looked good on the few  images I’d seen but to see it in reality was breath-taking. You can walk through the pieces which made me feel as if I was in the middle of a rainbow and immersed in the colours of the spectrum. It is  a huge (the biggest one Dawe’s has done so far) installation made of strands of Gütermann thread woven across the space.  It must be about 12 foot high, on one wall a V and on the other (opposite) an inverted V with both with small hooks on a piece of wood. In the middle of the room there are 4 pillars, again with a piece of white painted wood with small hooks along the length of it, the threads are then strung across very systematically giving layers of gradually changing shades through the spectrum. It is extremely delicate, but the colours are amazingly vibrant viewed on mass.

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The photos don’t really do it justice, the camera picks up the lights, and shadows etc., which the eye blocks out. The exhibition is on until 15 January and is well worth a visit. Even when the installations are taken down (they are site specific), they are put in a plexiglass cube and still look beautiful (see website below)

If you want to see more of his work have a look at his website



What a beautiful autumn day. I’ve managed two walks in the local woods today and one yesterday. The first one each day was the FUNctional  one of walking the dog – to me the best part of having a dog is the walks it entails. Even when I’m really busy the dog has to have her walk, it’s one of the things I miss on uni days. I just can’t get up earlier to walk her  – nor would she be impressed nowadays.

The second one today was work I started the film element of Film and Sound on Friday at uni. While walking Truff yesterday I was looking around me with fresh eyes and thinking that the leaves would all be off the trees by next weekend even if I borrowed a camera from college it would be too late, when I suddenly remembered an old camcorder we bought as a Christmas present for all of us to all of us ten or a dozen years ago.

This morning it was found and put on for the batteries to charge. So this afternoon we had another walk, the light was still good and I’ve captured about 35 minutes of short clips, just need to work out how to download / watch it now. I’m hoping that I’ve got at least a few workable bits. If it’s worked  I post some footage later.

For now I’ll put on some of my photos of  some fungi in the woods.